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NLP at Workplace

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques are powerful discipline that enables people to unlock the structures of human communication and excellence. NLP techniques have been widely practised by many developing organisations across the globe.  It relieves the relationships between how you think (neuro), how you communicate (linguistic) and your patterns of behaviour and emotions (programming).  


With NLP, you will be able to think, act, communicate and manage yourselves and others in both professional and personal ways, in order to survive the ever increasing competitive world.  You will also be given insights into the fundamental principles and techniques used by NLP practitioners to develop business relationships, change unproductive behaviours as well as becoming more confident, persuasive and influential at workplace.




  • To acquire NLP skills as regarded for excellence

  • Understanding the pattern of thinking and behaviour that gets the desired result

  • To achieve the organisation's best performance

  • Essential to start with personal applications before coaching others

Key Benefits

  • Ability to influence yourself and others in the way that you want

  • Led by an experienced and certified industry expert

  • Improved relationships and realisation of true calling

  • Greater self-reliance and confidence


Programme Outline


Module 1:  What is NLP

  • Benefits of Using NLP Techniques

  • NLP Communication Model

  • Internal Representation Within Us


Module 2:  Change Your Language Patterns for Enhanced Performance

  • Enhance Your Ability to Lead Others

  • Create Clarity of Thought in Yourself and Others

  • Discover Hidden Beliefs in Others That Promote or Hinder Personal Development

  • Practise a Logical Approach to Questioning for Greater Personal Effectiveness


Module 3:  Gauge Motivation Through the Art of Specific Questioning

  • Learn New Ways to Question and Listen

  • Uncover Unconscious Motivators in Yourself and Others, Thus Improving Performance

  • Put the Right People in the Right Role

  • Discover a New Way to Build Rapport with Others


Module 4:  Remove Barriers to Progress

  • Overcome objections and blocks to improvements

  • Keep conversations positive

  • Discover how to make interventions that undermine negativity


Module 5:  Action Planning

  • Create an Action Plan to Take Back to Work

Later Event: April 15
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)