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Listening and Questioning Skills for Effective Communication

An effective communicator must not only strive to be articulate, but also to be more aware of and in control of their body language and vocal delivery. Throughout the programme, you will learn how to leverage the full range of your vocal dashboard and how simple changes in your body language can help you communicate more effectively and have greater influence at work and in the community. It is the similar process for talent development in the filmmaking where an actor and actress are polished to showcase their competence.

This programme is designed to develop an individual to be an effective communicator. With increased awareness and control of the vocal and non-verbal communication, participants can create a more commanding presence for themselves and put more power into how they communicate their thoughts and ideas to others.


  • Learn and use different communication styles

  • Know why it is important to become an effective communicator

  • Identify and use the guidelines to create communication script

  • Learn to read the body language

Key Benefits:

  • Increase communication styles like a film star

  • Improve the listening and questioning skills

  • Create your communication script based on Occasions

  • Led by an experience industry expert

Programme Outline:

  • 4 Different Communication Styles

  • The 7 Cs

  • Listen, Listen, Listen, Up Your Empathy

  • How to Ask Questions Effectively

  • Create a Script for Small Talk and Other Occasions

  • Tailor Your Message to Your Audience

  • Keep the Distraction away

  • Put Away the Unnecessary Conversation Fillers

  • How to Read the Body Language