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Conversational And Basic Written English

Conversational English is the speech people use when they talk casually. This programme is designed for rank and file front liners and back-of-the house personnel who have to converse with and write in standard English to customers and colleagues.  Participants will be drilled in basic grammar to re-establish their foundation in English. There will be several role plays for participants to practise speaking standard English in relation to everyday situations and practise language diplomacy. As email is the most common form of written communication in the work environment, participants will be taught about email etiquette and how to write emails in a professional manner.



  • To demonstrate how sentences are constructed along with the right tenses and punctuation

  • To be able to speak with confidence

  • To write emails effectively


Key Benefits:

  • Point out common errors and corrections

  • Speak with clear pronounciation

  • Speak with diplomacy

  • Hands on exercise and group task


Programme Outline:

  • Word Classification or Parts of Speech

  • Essential Grammar

  • Common Errors in Malaysian English

  • Conversational English with Emphasis on Language Diplomacy, Pronounciation and Diction

  • Writing Emails

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