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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Being smart is important, but does that guarantee your success? It’s your people’s skills that most likely matter more. In today’s marketplace, it is vital to have Emotional Intelligence (EQ) whereas understanding and being aware of yourself and others can help you shape your behavior and decision making, including how you respond to conflicts and manage relationships with others.

Organisations that value EQ look for employees with high EQ in order to promote from within and and groom for leadership. Throughout this programme, you will be able to strengthen your EQ competencies and understand the ways to use EQ for personal development.


  • To understand and apply Emotional Intelligence

  • To understand how feelings and emotions affect performances

  • Learn how to manage feedbacks and conflicts with innovative ideas

  • To overcome challenges and build better personal and professional relationships

Key benefits:

  • Involves active learning activities

  • Led by an experienced and certified industry expert

  • Adopt a higher level of performance orientation at your workplace

  • Use the skills to collaborate effectively to achieve organisational and personal goals

Programme Outline:

Module 1: What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • A set up to the session, which explains what EQ is and its role in improving performance in the workplace

Module 2: Self-Awareness

  • How much do we understand about own moods and emotions?

  • How they impact our behavior?

  • Are we aware of how our moods affect others?

  • How easily are you able to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, values, needs and drives?

Module 3: Self-Management

  • How good are we at thinking before we act?

  • Are we able to control our moods and impulses in order to avoid our behavior having negative consequences for us and for others?

Module 4: Self-Motivation

  • How strong is your desire to relentlessly pursue your goals?

  • What are your general energy levels like?

  • Have you got a passion for life and for your work that is beyond money and power?

Module 5: Empathy

  • How easy do we find it to see another person’s point of view?

  • How much do we understand about the emotional make-up of other people?

  • How easily do we adapt our own behavior in the light of other people’s emotional reactions?

Module 6: Social Skills

  • How easily are you able to build rapport and find common ground in order to effectively manage your relationships?

Module 7: How to Improve Our EQ?

  • We will share Daniel Goleman’s 5 components of EQ in the workplace that can improve your EQ

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