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Effective English for the Workplace

Communicating effectively in English is an essential skill to work professionally in today’s global environment.  The programme will cover basic grammar for both spoken and written English and language diplomacy, ie. the appropriate words, tone and expressions for various situations.



  • Learn to use appropriate words to convey your message

  • Learn how to write business letters using appropriate format and choice of words to external parties

  • Learn how to write memos for internal communication

  • Learn how to write emails effectively and when to write emails

  • Learn how to write short messages via smartphone apps


Key Benefits:

  • Speak standard English with more confidence

  • Prepare for international communication

  • Practise using English in a fun and interactive atmosphere

  • Improve your pronounciation, vocabulary, grammar and business writing skills

  • Focus on real-life communication through industry-centered learning activities


Programme Outline:

  • Essential grammar to demonstrate how tenses and punctuation affect the meaning of a sentence

  • Language diplomacy to achieve the right tone of voice for spoken and written English

  • Practise writing business letters, memos, email and short messages

This training was very interesting, interactive and practical, I really enjoyed and learnt lots from it!

- Nurul Hannan Wahid, UEM Edgenta

Effective English for the Workplace, November 2018
Great! The training modules were in-depth whilst remaining interactive and interesting.

- Mimin, Neo Agency

Effective English for the Workplace, October 2018