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Customer Service Excellence

With the economy still as unpredictable as ever, effective customer service is more important now than it has ever been for companies to remain resilient.  Discover how to connect with your customers and retain valuable clients through this programme.  Make the first move towards becoming more customer service centred by signing up for this fun and engaging programme.



  • Instill an empathy-driven Customer Service Excellence mindset and behavior

  • Build a strong and committed team to deliver consistent and excellent services to clients (Commitment & Competency)

  • Prioritise tasks to be effective and responsive at work (Efficiency)


Target Audience

Customer service team or whoever in the position to serve or manage customers


Programme Outline


Module 1: Building a Customer-focused Culture

  • Service from the Mind & Heart

  • Mindset, Skillset & Toolset


Module 2: 5 Elements of Customer Service

  • Reliability

  • Assurance

  • Tangibles

  • Empathy

  • Responsiveness


Module 3:  Becoming the Trusted Advisor

  • Build Rapport

  • Ask the Right Questions

  • Listening Skills

  • Use Appropriate Language

  • Educate and Advise


Module 4:  4 Steps to Delivering Exceptional “Client Experience”

  • Plan

o   Identify Perception Points

o   Create “Wow” Factors

  • Do

o   Consistency

o   Policies & Procedures

  • Check

o   Managing Customer Feedback

o   Handling Complaints

  • Act

o   Continuous Improvement



Module 5:  Fine-tuning (Internal) Customer Service

  • On-the-phone

  • Emails

  • On-site Visits

  • Focus Groups


Action Plan

Actual workable plan for immediate implementation

The training had helped me improve my daily routine within the organisation, on top of all the personal benefits that I can leverage!

- Hanisah, UM

Customer Service Excellence, November 2018