Innovation Certification Programme


An innovation certification programme by the world's largest innovation professional organisation, GIMI, to broaden your capabilities in innovation.  Learn the techniques to generate, develop and implement sustainable innovations - along the value chain - creating combined capabilities that lock out competition. 

Upon completion of this programme, you will be able to kick-start innovative breakthroughs and lead innovation initiatives.  You will also be able to create and capture business value to drive growth and stand out as a globally-recognised innovation expert.



  • To adopt the standards and best practices in innovation

  • To help individuals and companies to develop world-class innovation capabilities through global standards and certification

  • To build a community of professional innovation practitioners


Programme Outline:

  • Demystifying Innovation

o   Identify the Need to Capture Innovation Premiums

o   Define the Innovation Ecosystem

o   Recognise What Constitutes an Innovation Breakthrough

  • Innovation Techniques and Creative Problem Solving

o   Generate Better Ideas for Creative Problem Solving

o   Practise Building Innovation Techniques for Creating New Value Across the Innovation Value Chain

  • Innovation Breakthrough Process

o   Review the Methodology Behind an Innovation Breakthrough Process

o   Define a Clear Innovation Focus Using 5-Step Process

  • Certification Workshop and Level 1 Certification Exam